ARDENT Software

ARDENT Software
Automatic Real-time DetEction and Notification

The Airborne Real-time DEtection and NoTification (ARDENT) system is a fully scalable, autonomous airborne detection system based on open architecture and standards that can be adapted on unmanned aircraft.

This software provides advanced real time imagery analysis and automatic object detection and can be customized for specific applications and operational requirements.

The ARDENT mission software includes the following capabilities:

  • Automatic detection of static objects of interest like people, vehicles, trucks and equipment
  • Patented real-time image processing algorithm
  • Automatic dissemination of alarms via geo-referenced image
  • Raw data stored for post-mission inspection and processing
  • Complement mobile object
  • High positive alarm ratios > 80% in most cases
  • Low false alarms
  • Secure video server search for fast retrieval by geo-location or time tags
Customer benefits:
  • Generates geo-referenced intelligence rather than mere data
  • Reduces surveillance personnel
  • Allows for more sophisticated post processing

Key applications:

  • Convoy protection
  • Pipeline/Power lines automatic surveillance